The use of the Internet in Indonesia is quite large and very active because it supports various daily needs. This is a natural thing, considering that almost all sectors are connected to the internet, including the business sector which is starting to make changes in terms of marketing.
Marketing that used to be done using flyers, banners, newspapers, has now shifted to digital media and also the internet, which has become known as internet marketing strategist and digital marketing. The meaning of both is actually more or less the same, namely a way to widely market products using the internet.

Even though the goals to be achieved tend to be the same, the two marketing strategies that are popular in the community and are in demand by many entrepreneurs / brands have quite striking differences when viewed from the application and way of marketing their products. The following will explain the differences between the two.
Understanding Internet Marketing Strategist and Digital Marketing
Internet marketing is a strategy to market products through the internet with the aim of promotion, branding, increasing sales, as well as influencing consumers to buy, be it goods or services. So, the marketing method focuses more on internet users by utilizing websites, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), mobile marketing, social media marketing, and many others.

Meanwhile, digital marketing is a product marketing system that reaches customers quickly, precisely and personally, through digital media and the internet. In other words, internet marketing is included in the application of digital marketing. Digital media has a wider reach than the internet.
Marketing through digital media, such as TVC ads, ebooks, digital newspapers, company profile videos, email marketing, endorsement influencers, broadcast SMS, pay per click advertising, banner ads, pay per sale, pay per lead, and so on.
The main focus in digital marketing is not solely on attracting customers to increase sales, because digital marketing does not only promote a product or brand, but also builds brand awareness and customer relations.