How To Charge a Tablet With a Charging Broken Port?

Your Tablet Charger Port may break at midnight, and there is no way to buy it, so you must use your mobile phone, and the mobile phone’s battery is dead. You can find out how to charge a tablet with a broken port here.

Smartphones have become an integral part of our daily lives.In most cases, our phones contain a lot of internal information and even work-related tasks.

Phones serve many purposes for the average individual, for example, setting alarms, writing documents, communicating with loved ones via social media apps, creating virtual music, and much more.

Our phones run out of energy when we use them, and we need to recharge them to make sure we can use them to the fullest extent. What should you do if your device does not charge after plugging in a charger?

As you start to worry or become hysterical, consider these options to repair the broken port on your Smartphone.


Recharging a Battery with a Battery

There is a need for a phone that has a removable battery so that this can be done. As an alternative, use method 2.

  • With the device off, remove the battery. Connect your battery’s electrical connectors.
  • You can use a 9-volt battery or an AAA/AA battery.
  • You should check the battery’s connectors to see which are favorable and which are unfavorable. Negative side of the battery is at one end of the red square, and the positive side is at the other.
  • Ensure that the charger and batteries of the device have the same voltage. Phone batteries have 3.7V DC voltage while AA and AAA batteries have 1.5V DC voltage. Three AA batteries will be required as a result.
  • Silicone shields two metal wires.
  • With electrical tape, secure the batteries.
  • Attach the charging batteries or the battery itself to the insulated wires.
  • Let the battery charge for a few minutes. Obviously, your battery won’t be fully charged, but it’ll suffice if you need it.


Fixing a USB Port Yourself

One of the easiest ways to solve a broken charging port on new tablets is to fix the charging port with a screwdriver.

Dock connector aluminum surface may not always allow good contact with USB charger’s surface.

In most cases, the issue is caused by a manufacturing defect or continuous insertion and removal of the charger cable. Check the charging port before doing anything else.

Make sure the charging pin is clean by using a laser and a stick or pin to clear any dirt caught in it.

  • Shut down your device.
  • If possible, remove the battery.
  • The tabs inside the USB port of your device can be repositioned using a tiny stick.
  • You can gently and slowly raise the wrongly positioned charging pin.
  • Reinstall the battery.
  • Ensure the charger is connected.


Rubbing the Battery

Take out the phone’s battery. You should hold it between your thumb and forefinger. Heat and tension can be generated by rubbing the battery between your palms.

Try to charge your phone again after replacing the battery. In the event that the above procedures don’t resolve the issue, the charging port is probably not faulty. Battery issues are one of the most common causes.


Consult a Certified Technician if Nothing Works

Your phone might be broken or malfunctioning if none of the suggestions work. To send your cell phone in for repair, either contact the carrier’s customer service line or find a tablet repair store near you.

Your phone could be under warranty at the time of the repair, so you may have to pay for the repair – and wait until it is fixed – but it will probably cost you less than buying a new one.



You risk damaging your tablet or phone if you try to fix a faulty charging port without the proper tools, so this is a quick fix that can save you. Ensure, however, that your phone does not get damaged.

You should also consider getting your phone serviced rather than poking it for several hours at the charging port.

Providing temporary solutions as a result of this is pointless, and there’s a reason why manufacturers began to produce single-unit phones in the first place, as damage could result.