How to Copy and Paste on a Samsung Tablet

You’ve come to the right place if you have trouble using the simplest Samsung tablet writing functions. In addition to copying and pasting, your tablet can also perform many other text-related operations.

You can copy, paste, cut, and manage the clipboard in this post until you’re satisfied with how the device behaves.

We’ve prepared several step-by-step tutorials covering how to use touch commands to highlight and manage text, which is well-known to cause difficulty for many people.


How to Highlight a Text?

It’s essential that you learn how Samsung designed its text reader so that it responds to your touches before you can copy and paste.

Here is how to select the text you would like to copy before you do anything else:

Tap and hold on a sentence or word to highlight it so you can copy and paste it. It depends on the accuracy of your tap whether the device highlights the whole sentence or just the word.

There is no difference in which part got highlighted, since now both ends of the highlighted text are indicated by small arrows.

The highlighted text can be extended or shortened by pressing and holding the arrows from either side. Cut – Saves the highlighted text by copying and removing it.

Taking it from one source and putting it in another. Pasting cut text is the same as copying it.


How to Copy and Paste Highlighted Text?

Let’s check out how to copy and paste the highlighted portion of the text once you’ve learned how to highlight the text. No matter whether the tablet is connected to a keyboard or not, text can be copied and pasted.

To select and copy text, simply tap and drag your finger over it.Right above the highlighted text should appear three different controls: Copy, Paste, and Cut. You may not be able to use Paste if nothing is copied to your clipboard or if it is grayed out.


Copy or Cut the Highlighted Text

You can paste it by clicking and holding somewhere in the document until the Paste option appears.


Press Paste

The text should now have been copied and pasted. Trying to copy/paste in a text document can help you if you still cannot figure out how to do it. On the tablet, online, and within apps, you can paste text that is copied to the clipboard.

Samsung devices, Android devices, as well as iOS devices can be accessed via this method. We have provided instructions that work regardless of which device you are using.

In all cases, the recopied text is gone once you have copied into the clipboard and have recopied something else or restarted your device, which causes the clipboard to be reloaded and the clipboard to be reloaded.