How to Take a Screenshot on ASUS Tablet?

Some mobile devices and tablets may not offer the ability to take screenshots. One of them is the Asus Tablet. How To Take A Screenshot On ASUS Tablet? will show you how to capture a screenshot on an ASUS tablet.

The company has now entered the tablet market, along with computers and desktops. Choose among Zen pad, Transmitter pad, and Memo pad from a variety of categories.

Android tablets or Windows 8/8.1 tablets, such as the Asus Transformer Book T100 and Asus Vivo Tab, are available to users.

You should always take a screenshot of your Asus tablet so you can preserve anything important you see on the screen, whether it’s a note, a post, or even a conversation. This article will discuss some of the best ways to take a screenshot on an Asus tablet.


Screenshot Asus Tablet and Mobile Phone (Android)

· Default Android Way

Mobile devices and smartphones based on the Android platform are available from Asus. Simply hold down the “Power” and “Volume down” buttons together for 2 seconds to take a screenshot on all of these Android phones.

When the screenshot is taken, a flash appears on the screen. The screenshot is also available in the Album app’s “Screenshots” section. By pressing the “Power” and “Volume down” keys simultaneously, it can be difficult for some individuals to take a screenshot.

It’s true that some people simply want more features, such as the ability to edit images and share quickly. Therefore, the most effective solution to these issues is to use a third-party screenshot program.

· More Efficient Way

Asus tablets and phones can be taken with Apowersoft Screen capture. Here is an icon that you can click to download it directly to your smartphone.

In addition to offering a real-time key combination for taking screenshots, this program also lets you take a screenshot by tapping on the overlay icon (for Android 5.x and later).

A screenshot can also be altered after it has been taken. Changing the screenshot’s cropping, lettering, mosaicing, and other effects is possible.

After you’re done editing a screenshot, you can save it to your phone, publish it to a cloud service, or share it with other app users.


Using The Zen Pad 3S 10 Z500M, Take A Screenshot By Following These Steps :

  1. Go to the screen you would like to capture on your Asus.
  2. From the notification panel, select “Capture”.
  3. Asus tablets and smartphones automatically save the image to the album.


How To Screenshot On ASUS Laptop? Snapshot On Asus Laptop and PC (Windows)

· Default Windows Ways

Different Asus computer programs and Windows OS versions require different methods for printing the screen on Asus PCs. The “PrtSc,” “Fn + PrtSc,” and “Win + PrtSc” buttons can be used to take a screenshot, depending on the keypad of your computer.

A screenshot is saved to the notepad after pressing a key on Microsoft 7. In addition to pasting it into Paint or Word, you need to save it as a picture as well.

Windows 8 and 10 will record screenshots into a “Screenshots” file within their “Pictures” folders. Occasionally, a Pictures folder might not be visible in everyone’s collection, perhaps due to limited access.



Take A Screenshot With An ASUS Tablet? There are several ways to achieve this. You can use a mobile phone, tablet, or PC. However, no editing or immediate sharing is available with default methods. To improve the quality of your screenshots, we recommend that you use the tools above.